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If you want to know how successful your business will be, the answer will likely vary based on the industry in which it operates and the number of employees it has. Typically, the average profitability of a small business is lower than that of a large one. The average yearly profit of a small business is around $70,000, which is just slightly more than the average annual salary of an employee. In addition, it is estimated that 94% of small businesses do not earn more than one million dollars annually. As a result of this, it may be prudent to seek other employment rather than try to operate a small business.

When determining whether a new business will be lucrative, the first year of operation is of highest significance. The great majority of firms do not earn any money in their first year of operation, and it normally takes between 12 and 24 months for them to become profitable. During the first year of operation, investment in company operations such as expansion, new personnel recruitment, and other business activities may result in a loss of income. Regardless of whether or not a business is successful, it is still obligated to pay taxes on any profits it generates.

There are still lucrative ways to create a new small business, despite the fact that the great majority of businesses fail during their first year of operation. The most prevalent reason for a company's failure is cash flow issues, however there are several remedies to this problem. The following is a list of suggestions business owners may employ to ensure their organizations' continuous success.

According to a poll performed by the National Association of Small Firms (NASBA), 65% of small businesses are profitable. In 2018, over forty percent of small businesses were profitable. The remaining businesses are either profitable or will become unprofitable in the future. One out of ten small businesses in the most profitable sector made more than $1 million in sales. However, the least profitable businesses include the manufacture of alcoholic drinks, the extraction of oil and gas, the forging and stamping of metals, and the publishing of software.

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